RMLL 2015 security track Call for Paper

RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) are an open access and free of fee conference about Free Software. They are hosted each year in a different town. This conference tries to make it possible exchanges between you (the experts) and a wide audience, from the kernel dev to the libertarian hacker ou the simple free software user.

After Geneva, Brussels and Montpellier, RMLL will be held in Beauvais (north of Paris) from 6 to 10th of July, 2015.

And last and the least (or not 😉 ), @moutane, @doegox and myself will curate the Security Track !

So, if you :

  • have pushed the limits of some audit or forensic free software ,
  • have coded a free software for a Security task ,
  • like P0wneys, kiwis, onions or BeEFsteak ,

Come to speak about it at the RMLL Security Track !

Note : all the talks will be done in English (exceptions will be accepted only with very good reason 😉 ).

Wit Mathieu and Philippe, we also would like to see the following topics covered during the RMLL Security Track :

  • crypto from hardware to JS (troll on) ,
  • open hardware and Security ,
  • malwares on mobile as on server,
  • vulns in free software (why do you say OpenSSL ?).

Practical informations :

RMLL are a volunteer held event, free as in free speech, so our ressources are limited. But, we can cover travel expenses (not hotel but train or plane flight) of some speakers. Do not hesitate to indicate this requirement in your submission. We will support low ressources speakers first, of course.

Note : nothing to present but you like beer ? Come, our beer is … free as in freedom 🙂

Spread this CFP as it was the best worm you have encountered !

Cheers Christophe Brocas, Mathieu Blanc et Philippe Teuwen

Image under CC by license : https://www.flickr.com/photos/geekshadow/21096599835/

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