[RMLL 2014] Security Track CFP

RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre or LSM for Libre Software meeting) are a conference with technical talks about Free Software. RMLL are hold each year in a different town and it allows you to meet a very diverse audience from kernel dev to punk hacker or next door user.

RMLL celebrates this year their 15th anniversary from 7th to 11th July 2014 in Montpellier, South of France. And last, myself and Mathieu Blanc will curate the Security Track !

So if you recognize yourself in :

  • you broke the security of a Free Software ;
  • you develop or heavy use a Security Free Software ;
  • ”you love kiwis, onions or BeEFsteak” ;
  • you are very late for ”SSTIC CFP” — french security private joke, sorry ;

-> come to speak about it during RMLL Security Track !

With Mathieu, we also would like to see following subjects covered during the track :

  • Privacy and crypto : Tor, GnuPG and their security ? speak about them !
  • Defensive : forensics in RAM, on hard drive or everywhere or almost … network and system security : show them on stage !
  • Offensive : offensive tools ? Vulns on Free Software ? Demonstrate them !
  • Mobility & web : new security apps ? new mobile security models ? Let’s troll about them !

Special point : you love firewalls ? kernel dev and developers ? good point ! The 10th Netfilter Workshop, Netfilter developers meeting, will be hosted by RMLL this year : come to speak with Eric, Pablo and all Core Team folks !

You hate Free Software ?
Meeting bearded hackers or libertarians just hurts you ?
Still come to Montpellier … Meeting RMS is always an experience 🙂

Instructions and pointers :

Make this CFP the best malware you can spreading it worldwide (and also relaying it to your best sec friends and to preferred security mailing lists).

Thanks ! Christophe Brocas and Mathieu Blanc

Image under CC license : https://secure.flickr.com/photos/yobibe/14673892883/

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